Cross-media: how do we measure?

The framework we've developed for cross-media measurement can combine a variety of different methods according to the demands of local market conditions.

Each market has different assets and funding models, so we've developed a flexible approach which enables markets to determine their own path, based on existing techniques.

comScore alliance

Our strategic alliance with comScore was set up to combine the best elements of both businesses in delivering audience measurement outside the US. It includes products, technology, data assets and research panels. 

As a result we are able to work with and combine a wide range of measurement approaches. These include panels, census behavioural measurement and census demographic profiles as well as enhanced statistical methodologies.

Complete view and greater efficiencies

The partnership enables simpler deployment and faster delivery of new services with smarter insights. The combined expertise helps both TV and digital-first companies get a better understanding of their consumers.

While giving that overall picture, our approach maintains the integrity of the currency results for both TV and online audience measurement respectively. Each is still as robust and valid on its own as it always has been.

New integtrated techniques to tag and measure web, video and apps will reduce overheads for broadcasters, content owners and publishers by cutting down on duplication. It also has the potential to help traditional media planning by leveraging the data fusion techniques we have developed.

Integrated reporting is becoming a reality, with work in progress or already complete in Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Spain our partnership with comScore is already showing what is possible.

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