Cross-media: what and who do we measure?

As new media consumption habits change it is increasingly important to be clear on what cross-media audience behaviour can be measured together at one time.

Kantar Media comScore

In partnership with comScore we are committed to providing world-class cross-media audience and campaign measurement. In order to be able to respond to specific and local needs we have developed an adaptable framework based on existing data sets, such as panels, tagging, census demographic profiles and TV return path data
. These can be deployed in different markets, in line with local commercial considerations. 

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What we measure

Our TV ratings framework starts with core TV consumption and then expands along the spectrum to cover different types of media consumption. Taken to its conclusion it will measure all TV, video and online consumption.

Cross Media Scope Diagram

This cross-media measurement covers:

  • Core TV: broadcast linear TV, TV content delivered as video-on-demand as well as any time-shifting from recorded programmes
  • Extended TV: TV content broadcast in simulcast or on-demand on smartphones, tablets desktops and over-the-top (OTT) devices
  • Total video: all video content from online platforms whether that is broadcast video or not (such as YouTube content)
  • Total view: all online content whether video or text based, accessed through a browser or app, on smartphones, tablets desktops and OTT devices

Scope of reporting

Given the different configurations of audience consumption, our reporting is adaptable to meet the specific requirements of different clients and different market characteristics.

While we are developing this new service we are especially committed to working closely with our clients to ensure these new tools complement and enhance their existing audience data.

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