How do we measure

Our radio measurement techniques enable us to measure listeners whenever, wherever and how ever they are consuming audio content.

We have experience in developing and deploying active and passive measurement techniques to deliver accurate radio measurement.

Experience in passive measurement

We were the first to deploy a portable meter solution for radio measurement in Europe and have a long track record in innovating in passive measurement. 

We currently run these services in markets as diverse as Scandinavia and Kazakhstan.  Panel members carry a small, discrete portable metering device with them and our channel detection technique identifies the audio embedded in the radio broadcast.

We detect any type of digital or audio signal, no matter where it is listened to or whether it is coming over the air, down a cable over a satellite or the internet.  It is just as capable of picking up what someone is listening to in a shop as it is on a portable headset.

Track record in active measurement

In other markets such as Brazil and China we measure radio listening through active measurement techniques.  Indeed, we have been tracking the listening habits of the Brazilian population since 1942 and continue to deliver the official radio ratings more than seventy years later.

In these markets, we work actively with recall interviews, panel members using diary and other research techniques to record and measure audio consumption.

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