Television and video measurement across platforms and devices

Our proven global experience and local knowledge enable us to deliver accurate, independent and credible audience measurement.

Blueprint for TV

Changing TV, video and digital consumption habits make it increasingly important to understand audiences.  We measure TV audiences across all platforms and devices, helping broadcasters assess and determine their programming and advertising space, and agencies plan successful campaigns. 

We are proud to provide TV audience ratings currency services in more than 40 markets. Globally our measurement services help determine how more than US$200bn is spent on TV advertising.

TV has outgrown the TV set

TV is now a flexible fusion of audio visual experiences.  It’s delivered to multiple devices.  It offers scheduled viewing as well as time-shifted, place-shifted and on-demand programming. 

Audience measurement has developed with this evolution, with advancements including return path data, channel detection and metering technology.  We work with all of these techniques and technologies, from recruiting and managing representative panels right through to integrating complex data sets.

Our ability to produce independent, accurate and authoritative measurement has benefits across the industry:

  • Broadcasters can monitor their investment in content, make decisions about programming and maximise revenues for their airtime
  • Advertisers and agencies can guide their investment decisions and receive comparable standards across platforms
  • Joint Industry Committees can deliver the industry-wide credibility that underpins the advertising market and provide a tradable currency
  • Pay TV operators can make informed commercial decisions on credible analysis of big data around their subscribers’ television and video consumption.

Global experience, Local knowledge

Different markets often require different approaches.  Our experience, combined with a track record in innovating in both technology and data science techniques mean we can give a complete picture of viewing behaviour whatever the needs of the market.  

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