From Television to Total Video

Explore our blueprint for TV audience measurement systems

Television and TV audience measurement are in a period of rapid change.  Our vision is to understand and measure all TV consumption. Here’s our blueprint - our ideal  - which in some markets is already becoming a reality.  Click on each element of the blueprint to find out more.

Return Path Data

Return Path Data

We’ve been working with census data measured through the return path (RPD) since 2003.

Our experience has proven that we can integrate it into currency panel data, resulting in more stable and granular data and substantially reducing the number of zero rating cells.

Set Meter Panel

Set Meter Panel

Measurement of set top box subscribers through return path data technology can enhance Total Video measurement but there will be gaps – whether that’s geographical area, TV sets that receive free to air channels only or non-subscription homes.

Beyond the value of this big behavioural (census) data, set meter panels can help deliver a more representative picture of viewing across non-subscriber homes and TV’s and can boost the core panel size efficiently.

If you would like more information about our set meter panel capabilities, please get in touch

Core Panel
Kantar Media Core TV

Core Panel

Kantar Media Extended TV

Core TV

The TV set will continue to account for the majority of TV viewing for years to come.

We are proud to have deployed over 100,000 PeopleMeters in the world and continue to innovate and deploy the best PeopleMeter technology to measure what’s being viewed on each TV set.

Extended TV

Consumers have more choice than ever before when it comes to consuming television content.

We have installed our online PeopleMeter on panellists’ tablets, computers and smartphones around the world to register TV content viewed on online devices.

We can embed Kantar Media and comScore tagging technology on broadcasters web players to measure online TV.

Online Census Data

Online Census Data

Online server-side data generated by tags installed on web players delivers detailed device-level data at a census level.

Controlled implementation of independent tags on web players enable us to minimise the installation of software on peoples’ devices and can also be analysed alongside Core TV viewing.

Our strategic alliance with comScore benefits our clients. comScore, in conjunction with their agreement with Adobe, give us access to readily available census data. We can also deploy Kantar Media’s own tagging technology to meet specific customised requirements. This enables us to accelerate the delivery of Extended TV measurement for our clients.

First and Third Party Profiling

First and Third Party Profiling

As we continue to work with media owners, agencies and the wider industry in markets worldwide, we’re seeing an increasing opportunity for us to integrate panel and census data - whether by fusion, integration or direct matching - with demographic data from first parties (clients own source), or third party (partners in the industry).

If you would like to hear about our First and Third Party profiling capabilities, please get in touch.

Data science + data processing = a fully integrated hybrid approach

Data science +
data processing =
a fully integrated hybrid approach

Our blueprint brings together the best of both worlds: best-in-class technology to deliver measurement from both panel and census data sources.

Bringing this together- building a fully operational integrated hybrid model – is the end goal for many markets worldwide.

A high quality representative panel remains at the heart of audience measurement whilst big behavioural (census) data must be anchored to our knowledge of how individuals behave, under conditions that we are certain we can fully understand. Our blueprint brings together the best of both worlds: best-in-class technology to deliver measurement from both panel and census data sources.

We recently published a study outlining the five trends that are guiding the evolution of TV (television) to … TV (Total Video). Explore our interactive infographic here which summarises these trends, or download the full study for a deeper dive into this evolution.

Richard Asquith outlines
here how we’re innovating and progressing from measuring Television to measuring Total Video. 

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