Television and video: How do we measure?

We have a long track record in developing and implementing new techniques to answer the challenges that arise as the way people watch TV and video continues to evolve.

We have more experience in developing and deploying TV measurement services in more markets and continents than anyone else. We’re measuring TV from the UK to Iceland and South Africa, from Brazil and China to New Zealand.

As technology gives consumers more control over how they watch TV, the importance of credible, independent measurement across platforms and devices is ever more critical.


Next-generation technology

Our metering technology, channel detection techniques and analysis software deliver an accurate picture of what audiences are watching.  Return path data can be used to give a wider picture taking subscriber viewing data directly from any device with a return path including set top boxes.

Building for the future

As industry innovators, in 2005 we were the first company in the world to deploy return path data technology for this purpose.  We now operate those services in Africa, the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.

We have deployed more than 100,000 PeopleMeters across the world. The technology we use is continually evolving yet the PeopleMeter remains the bedrock of audience measurement since we deployed the first one over 30 years ago.

Looking to the future we continue to lead the industry in shaping audience measurement to reflect changing technology and audience viewing habits. 

We have installed our online PeopleMeter on panellists’ tablets and computers to register when they are watching TV content on these devices.  We can embed our advanced tagging technology on broadcasters web players to measure online TV.  We will continue to keep ourselves, and our clients ahead of the game.


Explore our blueprint for TV audience measurement systems


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