Hybrid measurement

Changing technology and viewing habits are creating new opportunities for ever richer TV and video measurement. And we are already taking advantage of them in ways that are scalable, flexible and replicable.

There are more channels, platforms and devices than ever before. More TV and video on demand and time-shifted programming. More variety in the ever evolving viewing habits.

Panel and census data can be brought together. This opens huge possibilities in delivering hybrid approaches to measurement and understanding audience behaviour when combined with sophisticated data modelling and powerful algorithms.

Richer understanding of cross platform viewing

Our ability to combine data sets in different ways really opens new possibilities: for broadcasters, agencies and advertisers. 


Immediate benefits

Integrating data from several complementary sources makes it possible to enhance trading currencies by using our data science to enrich data sets. It can also verify the accuracy of ratings for audiences across the many forms of TV viewing.

Our commitment to explore the opportunities that hybrid measurement present means we have already built a wealth of knowledge to tap into. This includes ground breaking work with industry ratings bodies in the Netherlands (SKO) and the UK (BARB)

Our continued investment in linking representative panel and large-scale behavioural data will continue to enrich industry currencies, which we will continue to do in a spirit of openness and transparency.


Explore our blueprint for TV audience measurement systems


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