Television and video: what and who do we measure?

We give broadcasters, advertisers and media agencies the most accurate view of their programming and advertising reach.

Television remains the most powerful medium for advertising reach, accounting for more than 40%1  of global advertising spend. Viewing on the TV set still accounts for the vast majority of viewing but audiences are no longer tethered to the TV set in the home. As the way people watch continues to change, it is all the more important to know who they are, and where and how they are watching. 

Unprecedented choice, and challenges

Audiences may watch a show when it is scheduled, afterwards on catch up, video on demand or on streaming sites or subscription services. 

They can choose the device, whether the TV set, internet connected smart TV, tablet, computer or phone. And they can choose the delivery, whether over terrestrial, satellite, cable, the internet or even over the top (OTT) content streamed online.

These changing habits present new challenges for audience measurement. We have proven ability to meet them and produce representative and credible data using established and innovative approaches, however, whenever and wherever the audience is watching.

Experts in panel and census data

Recruiting and managing a representative panel remains the core of TV currency services. Panels can measure viewing in the home, providing data on individual level viewing, demographics, reach estimates and cross-platform behaviours.

Large census data sets can measure the devices being used. These can include metadata taken from viewing apps or subscriber data from the return path of a set top box. Bringing together the best of both worlds, panel and census data can deliver a complete view of the audience. Beyond that, our data scientists can integrate different data sets, such as purchase, social TV and ad expenditure data to create ever greater insights into the audience.

1 Group M, 2014: 41.8% of global ad spend is on TV

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