Audience profiling to maximize audience value

We enable media owners and publishers to promote the value of their online and offline media inventory using TGI data.

We measure use of more than 4,000 brands, 400 different attitudes and motivations and the consumption of more than 2,000 online and offline media brands (whether online, TV, print, radio, social media or outdoor). 

These and other measures comprise our comprehensive, industry-leading TGI consumer studies.  They are built on robust samples sizes and a single-source methodology, rather than patching together separate studies, which delivers the most dependable data. 

That is why they are relied on across the media value chain (from media owners, publishers, brands, advertisers, planners and media buyers) for profiling, targeting, media planning and buying.

Audience and brand profiling

Publishers and media owners can use TGI data to identify and describe their audiences and show how they compare to competitors’.  This makes the case for why their inventory is best placed to reach a particular target group, based on a real understanding of their brand and product preferences.

Those insights on brand usage, motivation and consumption behavior can also be used to enrich media owners’ data management platforms.

We have specialist TGI databases for specific consumer types, including:

  • TGI local market, covering adults in specific markets such as Great Britain, France, US and Spain
  • Premier TGI, covering upmarket and well off consumers
  • TGI Clickstream for publishers, offering passive measurement of actual online consumer behavior

Accessing the insights

We offer huge flexibility of access to TGI data.  This can range from pre-built focused insights, to having the freedom to leverage any of the metrics we provide.  For instance:

  • Easy-to-use and pre-made insights: TGI Audience Snapshot
  • Analysis: Choices4 or other media planning/analysis software
  • API to connect to data management systems or data management platforms: TGI API solutions

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