Media planning and buying effectively and efficiently

Our services enable agencies to identify and plan online and offline media campaigns far more effectively and efficiently. 

We enable them to do this because the richness of insights into consumer behaviour and characteristics make it straightforward to identify the right mix of media to reach key target groups.

Planning currency

TGI data is the common currency in the media industry, enabling buyers (including trading desks) and sellers to identify which media will be the most effective for a campaign.  This stems from the unrivalled breadth and depth of our consumer insights.

It means planners and buyers can identify and reach their target audience with confidence.  They can do this by going far beyond simple demographics to a deeper audience understanding, to position a brand effectively against its competitive set and create compelling campaigns which will resonate with the target. 

We have also developed dedicated specialist services to inform particular areas:

  • TGI Clickstream helps online campaign planning through metered records of how people have actually behaved online
  • TGI Ad-Vantage matches TGI-built audiences to the online cookies that will actually reach them
  • TGI Digital Planner supports programmatic buying by ensuring that brands reach the right targets on the right sites in the right context
  • TGI Target Snapshot gives instant access on almost any device to pre-loaded insights into brand or product consumers.

Media planning tools

Our Atelier suite of media planning tools enable agencies to manage their media planning and buying.  The service is based on currency audience data, rate card and competitor information.  It covers internet display, mobile, radio, print, cinema and beyond.

In particular, we provide the reference tool for radio and internet, involving a complete set of modules: ranking, multi-dimensional mapping, duplication, cross-tabbing, plan scheduling and optimizing, graphics, among others. These enable planners to identify and understand a wealth of comparative data across different media to target specific audiences. 

The service is available in France, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Belgium, Norway and Italy.

Audience monitoring tools

In addition, our suite of Instar software has been developed to help analyse viewing behaviour, TV planning and buying efficiency, and social TV.

  • Instar Analytics produces integrated multi-media data to help planning and post-campaign evaluation. 
  • Instar Planning enables media planners and advertisers to test and evaluate potential campaigns on screen so they can ultimately reach the greatest number of people for the least amount of money.
  • Instar Social is the tool which delivers unparalleled insights into how audiences interact with programmes over social media, drawing data from the Kantar Twitter TV Ratings.

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