TGI survey data: identify, target and reach the right consumers

Our TGI service enables advertisers, agencies, media owners and publishers to identify, target and reach their key consumer audiences.

We provide essential consumer insights, building effective consumer understanding and audience profiling for media planning and buying.

Our data is trusted by the world’s most influential publishers, media owners, agencies, trading desks and advertisers.  We operate in almost 70 markets worldwide, where we are the de facto local currency in the media buying and selling environment.

Unparalleled consumer understanding for marketing and media strategies

TGI is used to optimise all kinds of marketing and strategic targeting. It provides a complete view of consumer behaviour and characteristics, covering: product and brand use, attitudes and motivations, media and digital consumption and engagement, leisure activities and demographics.

TGI data is available in a number of database options:

  • TGI local database: Comprehensive consumer database in each market.
  • TGI Clickstream: the full TGI database combined with metered consumer internet activity.
  • TGI Europa & Latin America & Global database.

We lead the industry in the quality and robustness of our data.  Our samples in each market are amongst the highest of any consumer study (minimum 10,000, and far higher in larger markets) and our methodology is strictly audited.

Accessing data

We offer a range of ways to analyse our data, from web apps with pre-formatted insights, to full integration into data management systems or data management platforms. These include:

  • TGI Audience Snapshot: a web app giving publisher sales teams quick, focused insights.
  • TGI Target Snapshot: a web app giving agencies quick brand understanding.
  • Choices4 and other analysis software: combining any of the thousands of data variables available.
  • API integration: connect TGI to your own data environment.
  • Programmatic activation: through TGI Ad-Vantage, to identify your audience and reach it online with the relevant cookies.

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