Executive media briefings: review your brand exposure immediately

When news comes from a wide variety of sources on an even wider variety of topics, how do you make it easier for managers and colleagues to digest?

Our editorial team can consolidate media output into one concise tailored report. Executive Media Briefings are delivered straight to your smart device so you can understand your media exposure from anywhere in the world.

The proliferation of news and media makes it increasingly difficult to stay up to speed on what’s important.  Our executive briefings enable senior people and their advisors to maintain quick and constant awareness of developments affecting their business and markets. 

We enable them to follow an issue and see how it develops.  On any device.  At any time.  Anywhere in the world.

Tailored information

Our editors will summarise what’s important and put into one concise report, tailored precisely to the brief.  That can cover all global media or focus on a specific niche, or both.  It can concentrate on traditional media or take in what’s happening on social as well. 

Informed decision making

This timely and clear information enables our clients to make more effective plans and decisions.  Their whole organisation can operate on shared and consistent information.  That means it can make much smarter assessments on reputational threats and opportunities in the media.

To shape the scope of the reports, our account managers work closely with clients to identify what any individual organisation needs.  


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