25 Days of Data - Day 12 - 2018 in Audio

Is Radio able to maintain the attention and consumption of its listeners in the increasingly diverse media landscape of Brazil?

Credibility and agility make radio a medium of mass diffusion in the lives of thousands of people. The 5th edition of the Radio Book, published in September 2018 in Brazil by Kantar media, uncovered unique insights about radio and highlighted two of its main characteristics: reach and intimacy. Data on demographic profile and consumer behaviour were also part of the study, both of which contributed to a more in-depth analysis of the listeners.

The study showed that radio has wide reaching consumption among the Brazilian population. It also served to disprove a few stereotypes, for example - ‘radio is not attractive to the younger audiences’. In fact, the study proved the exact opposite, showing that the highest proportion of radio listeners is among the population aged 25-34.

Furthermore, the study showed how relevant radio is for advertisers, not only in that it allows for a variety of programming, but also in it its ability to offer segmentation – both of which contribute to brand building at both a local and national level. 

Check out the infographic (in Portuguese) here.

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