25 Days of Data - Day 15 - Eurovision 2018

How much attention did the Eurovision Song Contest attract on Twitter in Spain for 2018?

The most recent Eurovision contest, held in May 2018 in Lisbon, became the most watched event of the past decade with a 42.2% audience share and almost double the audience results of the previous year (27.2%).

These figures reflected within Twitter and demonstrated the enormous power and influence held by viewers on this social media channel.

Our Kantar Social TV Ratings solution, the reference tool for the global measurement of television content on Twitter, monitored a total of 2,343,485 tweets pertaining to Eurovision, specifically from Spain – Around 1.8 million of these were recorded during the actual broadcast. 297,436 comments were registered by unique authors which generated more than 530 million impressions.

At 00.44hr on the 13th May, the winner was announced, and Twitter reacted with 12,432 tweets in a single minute!

In 2017, Eurovision achieved fifth place in the ranking of television programs in our yearbook of Social TV for Spain. This report ranks the most successful programs on Twitter throughout the year – interestingly, the contest maintained a similar figure in 2018 with 1.8 million tweets. First place was occupied by Operación Triunfo, whose return to television was a major success in both audience and social networks, reaping a total of 10,286,812 tweets.

The full blog post in Spanish is available here

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