25 Days of Data - Day 18 - Super Bowl 2018

How much money is being spent during the Super Bowl – the biggest advertising event on TV?

The Super Bowl is far and away the premier event in the television landscape. The game is an advertising powerhouse and continues to grow every year. The average price for a 30-second commercial in last year’s Super Bowl game reached an all-time high of $5.05 million, up 87 percent during the past decade, making it the most expensive air time on television by far.

Ahead of Super Bowl LII, Kantar Media conducted an analysis of the growth of the Super Bowl over the past decade, documenting why the game is an advertising juggernaut and how it is growing even as the league and professional football in general faces challenges.  After the big game on February 4, 2018, we also examined how this year’s Super Bowl compared to past games and who the biggest spenders were.

The rising cost of commercial time during the Super Bowl has led to more revenue and some staggering figures. To learn more about our advertising monitoring solution, click here.

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