25 Days of Data - Day 23 - 2018 Food Trends

What are the biggest trends to watch out for in Food industry?

At the beginning of the year, Kantar Media released a new study in France entitled “Foodscope 2018. Possible futures of the food industry, media, creativity and advertising, and prospective consumers". A 31-page white paper presenting future trends in the food industry.

The world population is expected to surpass the 9 billion mark by 2050 and the question of whether humans will be able nourish themselves has becomes a real topic of debate.

As a result of this, technology and science are emerging as transverse allies, with new food streams constantly being developed. With this, comes an entirely new set of challenges for brands to overcome when communicating with their consumers.

The study identified 4 of these major food trends and provids corresponding communication tactics which brands and advertisers can integrate in to their communication strategies.

These include:

  • Neofood - A new way of thinking about food, in terms of its economic, societal and environmental impact. Consumer pressure demands for transparency and brand alignment are at the heart of this trend aimed at establishing a more authentic image.
  • Superfood - The way in which a brand must act for the good of the community, through the creation of new jobs and social ties. It is about inventing the food of tomorrow, educating for more sustainable consumption patterns, and riding the wave of the ‘Do It Yourself’ attitude.
  • Ufood – The promotion of personalised, real-time access to food through innovative, urban and uberised Food Delivery systems.
  • Cofood – The aim to build economic communities around food webs, with an emphasis on education. It is a question of co-investing in order to revolutionise urban agriculture, to build a brand according to consumer priorities.


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