Level of affinity towards Chanel and Dior in social media posts

We recently conducted a research study around Luxury brands ourselves, focusing on the meaning of conversations and inherent connection of consumers with luxury brands. In order to gather posts expressing an affinity, we developed a lexicon, including slang words, expressing degrees of brand love and appreciation. We then manually analysed 200-300 quality posts for each brand. Each post was given an affinity score from 1 to 3, with 1 showing some affinity and 3 showing high levels. We also identified the triggers and drivers of affinity.

Chanel had a much stronger connection with its fans expressing themselves on social media than Dior.

Not surprisingly women have the strongest affinity with Chanel and Dior. Chanel has a higher proportion of post-millennial brand lovers compared to Dior, with its aficionados being over 35. For younger brand fans, their affinity with Chanel is not exclusive and other more mainstream brands (Nike, Victoria’s Secret) are also mentioned by its fans. However, there is a core of Chanel lovers who are older and have higher purchasing power. They are journalists, designers, writers, beauty bloggers, models and fashion designers. The commonality between these two groups is the pull of Chanel’s unique style and heritage.

Dior’s celebrity endorsements, and in particular Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence and Johnny Depp were a key driver for users to mention their love for Dior, as was brand ownership of its make-up products.