Kantar Twitter TV Ratings Leaderboard: Spain

The Kantar Twitter TV Ratings leaderboard shows the top 5 programmes that received the most engagement on Twitter over the last week. The leaderboard is ranked by number of Tweets and include the following four metrics:

  • Impressions - the total number of times that a Tweet (or Retweet) has been seen about a particular programme
  • Unique Authors - the number of unique authors of Tweets about the programme in question
  • Tweets - the total number of Tweets about a programme during the transmission window as well as 30 minutes prior and 30 minutes after. This includes both Unique Tweets and Retweets.

This is just a small example of the data available through the Kantar Twitter TV Ratings. Access to the full breadth of data including detailed minute by minute program breakdown, gender split, sentiment analysis, brand affinity and daily and sport leaderboards is available through subscription. 

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