Rising to the challenge

The speed of change in media and communications continues to amaze me; the challenges Communication Professionals face in the last 5 years alone would’ve taken 50 years in our forgotten past! Amongst them not least the need to manage a reactive news agenda, embracing the explosion of new channels (live stories, podcasts, threads, etc) and deliver proactive news considered, cynically enough, advertising.

Inga Thordar, Executive Editor CNN Digital International, has coined the term “mobile journalism”. I guess it’s not only journalism. Publishers now become audiences, and audiences becomes publishers. Both planned and unplanned news are travelling at unprecedented speed and scale. But news stories aren’t always credible as we are facing the age of “fake news” impacting a brands reputation can have a devastating effect on sales. The challenge is real - we follow and try to understand the news agenda that never sleeps.   

During a recent meeting convened with some of our largest international clients I listened carefully to these challenges. I was tempted to ask them the questions mirroring the uniquely fast changing environment we are working in. But while thinking about it I found out that these questions do actually not belong to them - these questions are challenges for Kantar and other media intelligence companies to tackle and win for our clients.  

Do we value creativity as much as advances in technology? How well and do we work with influencers? Do we integrate their approach across media forms – or do you still work in silo? Do we use the right data to quantify values like trust and authenticity in messaging? Do we experience more ad blocking or less trust in paid or owned media?  

The answers belong to media intelligence companies to respond. We can’t just keep sending monitoring and offer a product. We need to be able to understand, analyse and more, to work on trends and even to predict. As one such media intelligence agency Kantar has a lot of assets to respond to these challenges and answer the questions.  

  1. We dispose of rich datasets across all possible sources and therefore hone an incredible ability to produce not only media and market insights but also foresights;  
  2. We understand measurement of behaviour of planned as well as unplanned messages which is central to delivering a complete picture of a brand’s true reputation;  
  3. We can determine what channels mirror which - for instance: does social drives online print media? Who spreads the message across any given channel and why? What’s the motivation driving such messages?  
  4. We uniquely combine all forms of media intelligence to understand the co-existence and synergy between paid and unpaid, owned and earned media. We can build bridges between social media data, consumer data and more...

Technology used well with sophisticated methodologies, rich datasets and experienced human intelligence are key to the art of delivering meaningful outcomes for media, audience and consumer intelligence. Crucial to succeed in the new age of connected intelligence.  

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more. 


Petra Masinova guides Kantar’s expertise in reputation intelligence, helping clients to develop a holistic understanding of their earned media impact in an increasingly digital environment. 

Petra joined Kantar in 2019 with extensive international experience in the reputation intelligence sector and has worked on the client, agency and supplier side.  She has held senior positions at Isentia (Australia), Newton Media Group, McCann Consulting as well as government and major corporations in London, Amsterdam and her native Czech Republic.  

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