Kantar: Due Diligence in Our Business and Our Supply Chain

Kantar does not tolerate any form of modern slavery or human trafficking in any part of our business. Kantar is a subsidiary of WPP, therefore please refer to WPP’s Modern Slavery statement here: http://www.wpp.com/wpp/sustainability/modern-slavery-act-statement/

Kantar Supply Chain

Wherever possible, Kantar uses WPP and/or Kantar “approved suppliers” who are appointed by WPP and/or Kantar Group Procurement for commonly purchased goods and services. These “approved suppliers” are selected in accordance with the WPP Procurement Policy.

If Kantar needs to use a supplier outside the “approved supplier” list, then it is the responsibility of Kantar to select suppliers in accordance with the process and due diligence requirements outlined in the WPP Procurement Policy. 


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