Obama Family’s Visit to Spain Ad Impact Reaches Almost 20 million €

Kantar Media, the leader company in media monitoring and TV audience measurement in Spain, has prepared a report on the news regarding the holidays of Michelle and Sasha Obama at Southern Spanish coast, Costa del Sol, and Majorca.

The report jumps to the conclusion that the US First Lady's visit had a coverage of 1,423 news and an economic value of 19,307,937 €. Thus any agent interested in promoting this event, should invest that amount in publicity in order to get the same media impact.

An example of Michelle Obama's media presence is the high number of published articles featuring her visit; 1,423 news, much more than other relevant issues taking place at the same time, like the Spanish air traffic controllers strike action (around 1,034 news) or the internal fight within the Socialist Party (PSOE) to appoint a candidate for the regional elections in Madrid (1,012 news).

Marbella and Ronda (Málaga), Granada and Majorca are the Spanish towns that have mostly profited from the private trip of the US President family and the popularity increase of Miss Obama. "This is a unique opportunity for the promotion of tourism in Costa del Sol, and it is good to promote it in the American market", stated José Antonio Mena, major of Banavís, a town in the province of Malaga, where is placed the luxury hotels Villa Padierna and where the so-distinguished guests were hosted.

Kantar Media report analyzes also the impact at the press, radio and TV of the "Michelle effect" as well as its valuation in euro. This way, the visit had the biggest effect in the print media (777 news), followed by the TV (346) and the radio (300). In economic terms, the trip had a bigger return on investment in TV (10,508,268 €), in daily papers (4,613,678 €), and last, in the radio stations (4,185,990 €).

The research is focused on the articles appeared in journals, radio and TV, both national and regional, between August 4th (when they landed at Malaga airport) and the 9th (a day after the meeting with the Spanish Royal Family at their summer palace Miravent, Majorca).

More than 50,000 mentions at international press According to estimations made by Oak Power Comunicación, Michelle Obama's summer vacations in Spain would have generated 50,000 inputs at the international press, with an estimated value of 800 million €. Besides, it would be covered by 600 TV channels, 2,500 newspapers and more than 1,800 magazines all over the World.