Fan hub FANDOM subscribes to TGI consumer data

Entertainment fan hub FANDOM has subscribed for the first time to Kantar Media’s TGI consumer data in Great Britain in order to add further depth to its audience insights, assisting brands and agencies advertising on its platform.

Joseph Hoare, Account Director at FANDOM, comments: “Since we subscribed to Kantar Media’s TGI consumer data we have overnight been able to make a far more compelling case to brands and agencies for the commercial benefits of reaching and engaging their target audiences through us, using data which they themselves use and trust.

“With TGI consumer data widely prized for its quality, breadth and depth across the media industry, we have found its application has already vastly increased the opportunities for us to optimise the value of our collateral.”

Kantar Media’s TGI offer, which has been running for almost 50 years, provides unparalleled insight into consumer behaviour and characteristics.

Emma Hargreaves, Director, Kantar Media UK, comments: “We are delighted to welcome a digital social hub as cutting edge, burgeoning and popular as FANDOM as a subscriber to our TGI consumer data. FANDOM’s subscription reiterates the strength and implicit trust of Kantar Media’s TGI insight; a tool which continuously evolves and adapts to meet the changing needs of today’s advertising sector.”

Over 300 media owners, agencies and brands in Great Britain currently work with Kantar Media’s TGI data service on a daily basis, using the granular insight to plan, inform and execute all stages of media campaigns.

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