Kantar Media launches new solution

Kantar Media has today launched a new solution, TGI Target Snapshot

It is designed for advertising, marketing and media agencies to enable their workforce to quickly and simply access and understand key insights into a product or brand's consumers.
Called TGI Target Snapshot, this web app is powered by data from Kantar Media’s TGI study which provides in-depth insights into online and offline consumer behaviour and characteristics.

Alex Kuhnel, Chief Operating Officer, TGI , Kantarmedia, comments:

‘By giving those at agencies direct access to ready-made insights, TGI Target Snapshot enables an instant 360-degree snapshot of product and brand consumers. These insights are accessible on a range of devices, wherever you are, be it at an important pitch, out with a client, or doing your day to day job at your desk.'

‘When you need consumer insights, you generally need them immediately, at your fingertips'.

'So we have worked with agencies to build a web app that enables the comparison of consumers of different brands in just a couple of clicks. These can be understood in relation to a range of consumer characteristics and behaviour, including product and brand usage, consumption frequency and media use. This is all packaged in a dynamic, engagingly visualised interface from which the insights can be directly exported’.

TGI Target Snapshot is available now in Great Britain and France, launching shortly in further markets.

For more information, click here.