New enhancements to TGI Apps

New versions of our TGI Audience Snapshot and TGI Target Snapshot are now live, making it quicker and easier for media owners and agencies to grab the key insights they need, whenever and wherever they need them. If you already use either of these apps you will have automatically been upgraded to the latest version. The key enhancements are:  

  • Brand/Product Search (TGI Audience Snapshot only)
  • Discover any relevant information about your clients’ markets and competitors before your meeting by exploiting the new facility to look up consumers of any brand or product category (no longer just pre-set ones) and analyse these against a range of their characteristics and behaviour.

  • Opinions Report
  • Identify the motivations of media audiences and client targets and pinpoint any key synergies by analysing any product, brand or media brand against the full range of TGI Lifestyle statements.

  • Navigation improvements
  • The interface of the apps has been enhanced in a number of ways for a smoother user experience.

For more about the TGI Audience Snapshot web app, please click here.

For more about the TGI Target Snapshot web app, please click here.