One Love Manchester most Tweeted about TV moment in 2017, reveals Kantar Media

Eurovision and May v Corbyn Live take second and third spots, with Netflix failing to make the top twenty.

London, UK, 13th December 2017 – New data released today by Kantar Media reveals that live music and current affairs were the drivers behind some of the biggest moments of Twitter engagement by UK TV viewers in the year from December 1st 2016 – November 30th 2017.                

One Love Manchester, the fundraising concert following the Manchester bombing, was the broadcast moment that resulted in the greatest number of Tweets during the period, with 343,959 unique authors posting over 1,082,938 Tweets about the concert, creating 364,335,162 impressions. The Eurovision Song Contest was close behind in second place with 1,047,973 Tweets, creating 255,556,005 impressions.

Over the course of the year, Kantar Media’s Social TV Ratings tool registered over 130 million TV related Tweets from 4.2 million unique authors, accounting for just over 7% of UK TV viewers[1], driving more than 51 billion impressions.

Twitter gets political
Despite music taking the top two spots, the top ten broadcast moments were dominated by current affairs and politics programmes. May v Corbyn Live: The Battle for Number 10, was the third most Tweeted about television moment with 737,995 Tweets, followed by Question Time Leaders Special at number four (566,411 Tweets).

When looking at the top series for Twitter engagement during the period, politics and current affairs programmes were key conversation drivers, with Question Time 2016/17 coming in second place, beaten only by Love Island. The Question Time Election Special featuring Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn attracted over 12 times the volume of Twitter activity (566,411 Tweets) as the series average.

All aboard Love Island
Love Island was the top television series in terms of engagement during 2017; Tweeted about a record 7,182,888 times. Almost 45% (3,216,045 Tweets) of Love Island Twitter activity occurred outside the programme’s broadcast slot, as fans continued to engage even when the show was off air. The series featured an impressive six times in the Top 20 Individual Broadcasts for 2017, with engagement increasing significantly since the show began airing in 2015.

Traditional TV reigns supreme
Traditional TV channels make up all of the top five channels for Twitter engagement this year, with BBC One (25,086,847 Tweets) in first place, and ITV second (13,242,621 Tweets). Twitter engagement on both channels has been driven in a large part by political tweeting around the General Election.

On-demand streaming services lagged behind with Netflix coming in sixth place (5,822,226 Tweets) and Amazon fell from the top 10 ranking at 17th place.  Stanger Things was the top Tweeted about Netflix Show with 681,174 Tweets, but came in at number twenty in the overall series ranking.

Richard Poustie, Chief Executive, Kantar Media UK & Ireland, commented: “Brands and broadcasters who understand the relationship between television programmes and social media have a hugely valuable opportunity at their fingertips. Despite commentators regularly claiming interest in traditional television is waning, this format remains far ahead of on-demand streaming services in terms of Twitter engagement and fertile ground for brands and advertisers.

As the way we watch television continues to evolve, brands should take note of the different patterns of social engagement, particularly between traditional TV and on-demand streaming. Failing to track the social reaction to a TV programme both during and outside the broadcast slot will see brands miss out on a significant part of the conversation those audiences are having. In fact, our data demonstrates that while traditional TV broadcasts have more concentrated windows of opportunity for brands, levels of engagement with on-demand shows are seen dispersed over a longer period of time, giving brands a wider window of opportunity in which to maximise on the excitement.”

Data is based on the Kantar Social TV Ratings tool, which was launched in 2014 as the official metric for understanding, analysing and benchmarking the impact of social media on TV viewing habits.

Top 20 individual broadcasts

  1. One Love Manchester, BBC One, 1,082,938 Tweets
  2. Eurovision Song Contest 2017, BBC One, 1,057,973 Tweets
  3. May v Corbyn Live: The Battle for Number 10, Channel 4, 737,995 Tweets
  4. Question Time: Leaders Special, BBC One, 566,411 Tweets
  5. The Brit Awards: 2017, ITV, 546,206 Tweets
  6. BBC Election Debate, BBC One, 531,107 Tweets
  7. President Trump: The Inauguration, BBC One, 433,104 Tweets
  8. President Trump: The Inauguration, ITV, 433,104 Tweets
  9. Love Island: The Live Final, ITV 2, 277,200 Tweets
  10. The ITV Leaders’ Debate, ITV, 260,028 Tweets
  11. The Budget, BBC Two, 225,626 Tweets
  12. The X Factor, ITV, 178,621 Tweets
  13. Love Island, ITV 2, 167,294 Tweets
  14. I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here, ITV, 158,214 Tweets
  15. Love Island, ITV 2, 155,615 Tweets
  16. Love Island, ITV 2, 148,439 Tweets
  17. Love Island, ITV 2, 144,953 Tweets
  18. Comic Relief 2017, BBC One, 141,619 Tweets
  19. Love Island, ITV 2, 138,228 Tweets
Comic Relief 2017, BBC One, 141,619 Tweets

[1] Calculated from BARB data estimating that just over 59 million people watched at least 3 minutes of television in the UK between 1st December 2016 and 30th December 2017

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All Kantar Social TV Ratings data applies to the period between 1st December 2016 and 1st December 2017.


  • Data provided from Instar Social using only UK originating Tweets.
  • Tweets identified through coding specific keywords and hashtags assigned by Kantar Media’s UK Social TV team.
  • Impressions are the number of times that a Tweet or reTweet has been seen or has had the opportunity to be seen about a specific program. Each Twitter user is counted as many times as they have seen Tweets or reTweets about a program.
  • Unique Authors are calculated as the number of unique authors of Tweets about the program in question.
  • Broadcast Window data calculated as Tweets and re-Tweets captured during the live program broadcast +/- 30 minutes either side.
  • All other data is calculated via a 24/7 tracking method which captures engagement beyond the traditional broadcast window. This method tracks Twitter engagement with programs on a 24/7 basis – i.e. Tweets about a program are captured every day, all day whether the program is being broadcast or not.

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