Overnight TV ratings now overlaid on Instar Social

This week we are pleased to release an update to Instar Social, the interactive dashboard used to analyse the Kantar Twitter TV Ratings.

In the UK and Spain, you can now view overnight TV ratings data integrated with the Twitter TV Ratings*. These two valuable datasets come together to allowing subscribers to further their understanding of how TV viewing impacts social conversation and vice versa.

This example below looks at Episode 3 of the latest series of Game of Thrones, broadcast on Sky Atlantic in the UK on Monday 27 April. You can see the minute-by-minute Average Audience (000s) overlaid within the broadcast window in the minute-by-minute Tweet charts below, giving greater insight into the engagement levels throughout the programme and the correlation between Twitter activity and viewing figures.  

First Image Jpg

You can also view the number of unique authors per 1000 viewers. A new and exciting metric available in the UK that will easily allow media planners and buyers to benchmark the engagement levels of programmes against each other. You can see below that this Game of Thrones episode had 13.5 unique authors Tweeting about the programme per 1000 viewers, which is a relatively high figure for a broadcast of this nature. 

Second Image

On the broadcast detail page, you can now view the total unique audience attributed to every Tweet, seen in the middle column below. Importantly, you can also filter the Tweets about a programme by total unique audience in order to easily establish who the biggest influencers are and what they’re Tweeting. 

Third Image

Finally, the site is now fully optimised for mobile devices, making analysis on the move even easier!

To learn more about Instar Social, click here. 

*In order to have access to Television Audience data via Instar Social, the client must be a subscriber to the data provider in each respective market.