Deep understanding of subscriber viewing behaviour

Using the return path data (RPD) experience of Kantar Media allows MultiChoice and DStv Media Sales to understand their subscribers viewing behaviour and identify key customer segments, across markets in Africa.


MultiChoice is the leading pay TV operator in sub-Saharan Africa, with DStv Media Sales responsible for commercial airtime sales and on-air sponsorship. With the TV environment in Africa becoming more competitive, both businesses require a deeper understanding of their audiences and their different requirements across multiple markets.

What we did

We began operating RPD panel services for MultiChoice and DStv Media Sales in 2010, and currently run services in South Africa, Angola, Kenya, Nigeria and Zambia, using subscriber viewing data directly from the set top boxes of DStv subscribers. The data sets are harmonised across countries to ensure consistent demographics enabling multi-country analyses to be carried out.

The result

This is a ground-breaking service for Africa where there is little by way of passive measurement and audience understanding. The audience data we deliver allows MultiChoice and DStv Media Sales to look at the viewing patterns of their subscribers in all of their major markets. The continuous data that is provided allows the sales, marketing, programming and commercial teams to analyse the impact of new channels or big events as they happen, segment the subscriber base and identify key life stages and attitudes to drive their content decisions.

Watch the first video below to hear Brenda Wortley, Head of Research & Audience Measurement at MultiChoice, explain how they are bringing together RPD data from both their linear and Video on Demand systems to create a single metric that works across every viewing type.

The second video below is an interview with Brenda and Aletta Alberts, Head of Content at Multichoice. Brenda and Aletta share insights from across their subscriber base across Africa and explain how the RPD data informs their decision making. 


Brenda Wortley, Head of Research & Audience Measurement at MultiChoice


Brenda Wortley and Aletta Alberts in conversation with Nick Burfitt