SyncNow: Enhancing TV Play-Along User Experience with automatic content recognition (ACR) technology

Connecting the gap between TV and mobile

Talpa is one of the leading TV format, production and media companies worldwide and well-known for shows such as The Voice, Dance Dance Dance and The Big Picture. Talpa is particularly a front-runner in so-called Connected TV shows in which real-time, online user interaction via apps and social channels plays a vital role.

By using SyncNow, our Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology, Talpa was able to increase TV viewer engagement via a hugely popular play-along app for their popular quiz show format ‘What Do I Know’ – airing in 5 countries.


In this dynamic and fast-paced quiz show, three national celebrities battle each other in a wide range of general knowledge questions to win a cash prize for a deserving individual. It’s the first-ever format that successfully offered viewers at home the chance to play right along by answering questions from the show with the special real-time, play-along app that went on to break worldwide viewer engagement records. The challenge for Talpa was to make sure the audience at home received the questions and answers at the right moment via the app, 100% in sync with the TV regardless of time-shift viewing or distribution delays.

What we did

Talpa incorporated SyncNow ACR technology into their quiz show app, for people to download and play along with the quiz at home.  SyncNow enabled the app to detect the quiz show content on the TV in real time by using audio watermarking and deliver the interactive questions and answers to viewers in perfect sync.

The result

By amplifying the engaging nature of the quiz show and connecting it with the companion screen in real-time, 100% synchronized, Talpa was able to create a one-to-one connection with the viewer.  The broadcasters were able to measure engagement and programme loyalty of second screen users, with over 500 thousand active users in the app during broadcast time.