Social media intelligence

Our social media services help clients identify what matters within the huge volumes of social media content created and shared each day.

Social Command Centre

Whether looking to inform a content strategy, share metrics faster and in real time or run a social media programme from anywhere in the world, our social media command centres has it all covered.

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Social Listening

With billions of social media posts a day it can be hard to make sense of what is being said and what shapes your reputation. Our social media monitoring service tracks the information clients need to guide their communications strategy today and anticipate the buzz of tomorrow.

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Social Media Insight

We analyse social media alongside news and other data sources to help provide deeper consumer understanding for our clients.

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Social TV Tools

We help broadcasters, agencies and advertisers understand how audiences engage with TV programmes on Twitter. To do this we have developed the official industry metric, the Kantar Twitter TV Ratings, in conjunction with Twitter.

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