Advanced Profiling - more insight for your money

Get more insights for your bespoke survey spend with our Advanced Profiling service.

With Advanced Profiling you can run bespoke surveys on any consumer group and get a variety of profiles from our TGI Consumer Data included with your results.

With Advanced Profiling you can:

  • Ask questions of any consumer group, including niche audiences
  • Gain a rich profiling record of behaviours and attitudes from our TGI consumer data added to your bespoke survey
  • Get data results back quickly
  • Enjoy a high level of insight at low cost

How we do it:

We fused our 24,000-strong Great Britain TGI Consumer Data sample to our even larger online Profiles panel service. By attributing TGI Consumer Data to a far greater sample you gain a unique understanding of your target audiences in a single dataset.

Find out more with our dedicated information sheet or fill in the form on the right and one of the team will get back to you shortly.

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