Better financial services targeting

Did you know…

  • HSBC customers are much more likely than the average adult to be interested in financial services advertising…but NatWest customers less likely than the average to be so?

  • Or that people effective at passing on financial services information via word-of-mouth are 42% more likely to be influenced by comments and reviews posted online…and 73% more likely to say they like to stand out in a crowd?

Find out exactly what characteristics and behaviour set customers at specific banks apart and why it is therefore so important to make sure you are reaching the right audience in programmatic campaigns.

Discover what makes the financial services ‘influencers’ tick and their true value to a financial services campaign

These financial audiences are amongst over 100 such pre-defined targets available on DMPs and DSPs for selection in programmatic campaigns. Their value in optimising campaign performance lies in the fact that they are built using the robust and in-depth offline and online data from our TGI studies, before being matched and modelled through our partners to identify the relevant cookies for targeting efficiently in programmatic campaigns.

To find out more about the value of these groups, simply fill in the form to the right and download our free, detailed infographic.

Better financial services targeting

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Better digital targeting with TGI segments - TGI Ad-Vantage

Better digital targeting with TGI segments - TGI Ad-Vantage
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