Who is spending big on Black Friday?

One of the biggest days in the retail calendar, Black Friday sees many brands invest significantly in paid search as they vie to entice customers to part with their cash in return for a must-have bargain.

Leveraging our TGI Consumer Data and Digital Advertising Intelligence, we reveal the consumers who say the spend on Black Friday and the brands in different sectors who are spending the most on paid search in the run up to this commercial phenomenon.

In 2017, 16% of British adults bought something on Black Friday and they are 63% more likely than the average adult to say that advertising helps them chose what they buy.

On the other side of the transaction are the brands. House of Fraser were the highest spenders on paid search in the fashion industry in the lead up to Black Friday 2017, with £5.35M spent in November, compared to just under £4M in September.

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Black Friday infographic

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