China's Nutritional Health Supplement Market at a Glance: Females

60% of nutritional health supplements consumers are women, and of which, 24% are highly educated young women. Seems that the females consumers are brand loyal and are be influenced by manufacture’s ethics and product placement.

Compared with men, women pay more attention to personal health. As a result, women are more enthusiastic in taking all kinds of nutritional health supplements than men do. Among all female consumers, highly educated young women are particularly enthusiastic. Data shows that 24% of nutritional health supplements consumers are females aged 25-44 with college degree or above. This may be due to the fact that this age group females tend to have a stronger sense of personal health. As the pace of life turns faster, highly educated young women are paying more attention to their health. Data shows that 40% of high educated young women are very concerned about the nutritional content of food, and they deeply believe that "health supplements could improve health condition". This ratio is higher than female in general (35%).

Female Consumers Are Stubbornly Loyal to Brand. For New Brands, Is This Good News or Bad News?

"Fickle is women's nature" doesn’t ring true when it comes to nutritional health supplements consumption. In fact, they appear just the opposite - 61% of female nutritional health supplements consumers tend to stick to the brands they like. Moreover, over half of female consumers only take one single nutritional health supplements brand. Women’s high loyalty towards health supplements brands reflects a market that is immature and filled with fake products. Concerned with product quality and safety, women tend to stick to the brand that’s proven to them. For new brands, this presents both challenge and opportunity. On the one hand, new brands need to constantly improve product quality to attract female consumers; on the other hand, new brands also need to work on corporate image. 80% of female nutritional health supplement consumers indicated that manufacturers or merchants’ ethics would greatly influence their buying decisions.

Product Placement in Life Ethical TV Series and TV Entertainment Programme Sponsorship are Effective Channels to Reach Female Health Supplements Consumers

Females are important consumers of nutritional health supplements. How to effectively reach them through precision advertising is a question that brand owners care deeply. Further study on CNRS-TGI found that, on nutritional health supplements purchase, product placement in TV series and TV talent show sponsorships are the two channels that influence female consumers the most. On TV series, 45% of females prefer watching life ethical series, which makes it a good choice for placing embedded ads. At present, nutritional health supplements brand owners mainly rely on infomercials to place the ads. Our findings show that it may be advisable for them to try more embedded ads in the future.

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