DIMENSION 2018: No junk mail, please

Consumers have always had the ability to avoid ads. They can look away, engage with another media form, turn the page, leave the room, talk to someone or simply ignore the images agencies have gone to so much trouble to put in front of them. On the other hand they can engage with advertising leading to purchasing and building brands for the advertiser. How do we strike the optimum balance?

This section of our groundbreaking DIMENSION report, "No junk mail, please", explores the impact of ad avoidance and what can be done to minimize its effect. How big of an issue is this, or has it been overblown by those who may have a vested interest in denigrating online media forms? And what advice can be given to advertisers to help them work around the determined ad avoiders?

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About DIMENSION 2018

DIMENSION 2018 is a major and innovative study exploring the state of the media business based on a survey of 5,000 “connected consumers” age 18+ and interviews with industry leaders across five of the largest media markets in the world – the US, UK, France, Brazil and China. 

The findings of DIMENSION, have been broken down into four key areas of focus which can be read individually or aggregated together to form a complete picture of the shared issues facing the industry. 

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