Dog owners - who really loves our best friend

Crufts dog show is a quintessentially British event and as a nation we pride ourselves on our love of pets. But what is the truth - who are the dog owners and what makes them different to other adults? A look at our latest Great Britain TGI study of consumer behaviour gives us plenty of answers.

TGI data reveals that a quarter of all adults in Britain (13.3 million people) say they have a dog (or dogs) at home. Almost a quarter of dog owners have two dogs in the household, whilst 6% (800,000 people) have three or more.

In addition, 30% of them have at least one cat, making them 23% more likely to be cat owners than the average adult.

Younger adults are particularly likely to have a dog. TGI data reveals 15-24 year olds are 23% more likely to be dog owners. However, dog ownership is also noticeably popular for those in their forties and early fifties. Lifestage here can be more revealing here and those in the TGI lifestage group ‘Secondary School Parents’ (live with son/daughter and youngest child aged 0-15) are 50% more likely to have a dog, followed by ‘Fledglings’ (aged 15-34, not married or living as a couple, do not live with son or daughter and live with parents) at 42% more likely.

Dog owners are particularly likely to like to stand out, try new things and have fun. TGI data reveals that they are 34% more likely than the average adult to agree that their car should catch peoples’ attention, 29% more likely to agree the point of drinking is to get drunk and also 29% more likely to agree that when they see a new brand they buy it to see what it’s like.

There is also an ethical dimension to their behaviour, no doubt brought on by their affection for their canine friends - they are 20% more likely to say they would never buy toiletries and cosmetics that have been tested on animals.

Dog owners are also more likely to be open to advertising of various types. They are just under 50% more likely to say they tend to buy products from companies who sponsor TV programmes, exhibitions or music events, 42% more likely to be willing to pay to access content on magazine websites and 39% more likely to believe that advertising within video or computer gameplay enhances the realism of the game. They are also 37% more likely to say that celebrities influence their purchase decisions.

Key groups in this sector can also be reached effectively programmatically through their activation via our specialist onboarding partner for TGI data, Eyeota. For example, consumer targets including those who have pet insurance are a TGI data-built pre-defined audience that can be analysed and targeted through major DMPs and DSPs. Contact us to find out more.

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