England v Croatia game wins Tweeters’ hearts!

After the victory against Sweden the thought that after 52 years England might again be World Cup champions started to become a reality. The most exciting game for all English football fans started on Wednesday at 7pm, but the enthusiastic ‘It’s coming home’ could be heard on the streets much earlier. The semi-final stage lifted spirits and hopes and generated a massive 4.9M Tweets and 1542.2M Impressions on our global Leaderboard, making it the most Tweeted about England game!

Tweets around England games

Surprisingly, the third place playoff saw the lowest number of Tweets across all England games with 899.1K globally. The highly entertaining game against Colombia, which went all the way to penalties, came second receiving 4.2M of Twitter posts, while the undisputable Twitter winner was the England v Croatia game.

It’s… not coming home

The peak minute of all England games occurred during the match with Croatia when it was clear that football is unfortunately not coming home. Over 126K Tweets were posted within the one minute span at 22:38 on July 11th when Mario Mandzukic sent Croatia through to the final. Interestingly it wasn’t English Tweeters who took over that minute… Brazilian fans contributed 10.6% of Tweets compared to 9.7% coming from the UK.

And the winner is…

England captain Harry Kane not only won the Golden Boot after finishing as the World’s Cup top scorer but also was the top mentioned player when looking at all England games, appearing in 79.0K Tweets!

Former England footballer and current broadcaster Gary Lineker secured the third place of all handles mentioned, appearing in over 83.0K Tweets while recent football manager Gareth Southgate received 15.0K Twitter mentions. It goes without saying that ‘England’ topped our mention Leaderboard, but we’ve noticed some interesting guests too! Louis Tomlinson came ninth with 49.2K Twitter mentions, Piers Morgan appeared in 30.0K Twitter posts which put him in 17th place and Harry Potter’s star Matt Lewis was mentioned in 23.0K Tweets securing 24th position.


Source: Kantar Social TV Ratings, 24th June – 14th July

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