F1 season comparison - Australian Grand Prix

The new Formula One season raced back into our sport schedule last week where Sebastian Vettel took advantage of a Mercedes mistake and grabbed the first win of the season. 

Following on from our infographic reviewing social engagement from the 2017 season, we will be breaking down the tweets sent during the broadcast (that is a total of 4 hours starting when the race begins) of each race during 2018 and seeing how they compare to the same race from 2017. Liberty Media have pushed more on social media since taking over the motorsport powerhouse, so will this trigger a higher social engagement rate this season? 

Data from the Kantar Social TV Ratings (KSTR), the Australian grand prix shows a significant increase in total tweets from 145,000 in 2017 to 241,700 in 2018. It looks like people are tweeting more during the broadcast as unique authors were very similar (52,000 vs 54,000) but unsurprisingly more impressions were created due to the higher number of tweets. 

Looking at the top 5 countries, in 2017 Italy were the top tweeters during the Australian Grand Prix, however this season UK and Spain both leapfrogged Italy with higher volume of tweets.

Unsurprisingly the official hashtags are still way ahead in terms of tweets compared to drivers and teams, with a considerable jump up in numbers for the #F1 from last season and a drop off for #ForzaFerrari.

Even though the drivers and teams received more mentions this year than last, it still isn’t enough to topple the F1 official account from the top spot.

Demographically, Formula One still attracts a heavy male audience on twitter - 84% of tweets were associated with male accounts compared to 85% last year.

Overall it has been a good start to the season for F1 and social engagement. Stay tuned to our regular blogs throughout the season to see if the trend continues.

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