F1 Season comparison - Austrian Grand Prix

A bad day for Mercedes meant Vettel overtook Lewis Hamilton for the championship lead by 1 point. Bottas had started in pole position and had to retire due to a hydraulic problem, whilst Hamilton ground to a halt on lap 63 after the Mercedes team made a bad call not to bring him into the pit when the safety car was out. Meanwhile, Max Verstappen handed Red Bull their first win at their home race in Austria’s Red Bull Ring racetrack as well as his first win of the season, in which he has had his driving technique questioned numerous times.

Using Kantar Social TV Ratings (KSTR) data, our comparative series looks back at the social engagement during the 2017 season and how that compares to this season’s equivalent.



Looking at the total amount of tweets during the broadcast, the Austrian Grand Prix has reignited the twitter audience resulting in a higher amount of tweets than last year. In addition to the higher number of tweets, the 2018 race enticed more unique authors to tweet than last year, thus providing an uplift in impressions.

As a result of the increase of total tweets, it is unsurprising to see a higher number of tweets coming in from the top 5 countries compared to last year. The one outlier being Spain who dropped by almost 3K tweets from 2017 which has contributed to them dropping from third last year to fifth this year. Italy dropped out of the top 5 completely in 2018 with the United States taking their place.

As usual, the official race hashtags are top of the list for both years, with #F1 receiving a higher number of inclusions in tweets than it did last year but is still some way behind the #austriangp tag even if this did suffer a slight drop in engagement compared to 2017. Forza Ferrari also squeezed in instead of #gpaustria in an otherwise unchanged list from last year.

Vertsappen’s win lead to him being mentioned over 15k times and contributed to Red Bull Racing receiving almost double the mentions compared to 2017. With both Hamilton and Bottas having to retire and creating a talking point during the race, Mercedes still maintained a spot in the top 5 list.

The 2018 Austria Grand Prix delivered plenty of talking points. Max Verstappen raced with great skill to silence his doubters and bring home his first win of the season whilst Mercedes had problems which resulted in both racers not finishing and allowed Vettel to regain the championship lead. These action points triggered more social media engagement than the 2017 edition, a solid accomplishment considering the World Cup is on during the same period.

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