F1 Season comparison - Azerbaijan Grand Prix

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix marks the first European race of the 2018 Formula One season with Lewis Hamilton ending his 6 race drought and picking up his first win since October 2017! Albeit luckily after team mate and race leader Valtteri Bottas suffered heart-ache when a piece of metal debris burst one of his back tires.

Our comparative series over the 2018 season looks back at the social engagement during the 2017 season and how that compares to this season’s equivalent. For the first time this season, a race has underperformed compared to last year. 

Despite the lower amount of tweets, more people tweeted this year and provided more impressions with 142.5 million compared to 127.2 million last year. It could be argued that more people are tweeting and providing quality over quantity, which is still good news.

A trend we continue to see this year is the declining percentage of tweets coming from female accounts. In a male dominated sport it is unsurprising, but more could be done to engage women in F1. 

The top 4 countries are the same for each edition of the race, with the only order change coming in the overtaking of Brazil by Spain. However, we see the United States coming in at 5th in 2018 in place of Netherlands, which is surprising considering it is a European Grand Prix. This does show the global pull that Formula One has, especially given the extremely exciting start to this season. 

Looking at hashtags, it is no surprise that the official hashtags are dominant. The tweet with the most impressions came straight from the official F1 account, racking up an impressive 1.2M impressions in the broadcast window alone. 

Mentions are similar to last year, however Red Bull Racing come in at second this year, most likely due to the double DNF caused by a crash between Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo. Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes appear again, which is expected this year due to the win and although not even making the podium last year, he was involved in the infamous incident with Vettel.

Heart ache and a lucky break meant we were treated to another exciting Azerbaijan race which triggered plenty of chatter on social media. Although this race has bucked the trend of an increased social engagement that has been evident so far this season, it has provoked more authors to tweet and plenty of impressions. Will the trend return with the Spanish Grand Prix on the 13th May? Visit our blog to find out.

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