F1 Season comparison - Monaco Grand Prix

After being the fastest during practice and topping qualifying to start in pole position, the weekend  ended perfectly for Daniel Ricciardo with victory in Monaco.

Using Kantar Social TV Ratings (KSTR) data, our comparative series looks back at the social engagement during the 2017 season and how that compares to this season’s equivalent.

A bit of controversy was caused post-race after Hamilton called for the race course to be changed to make it more exciting and looking at the total tweets and authors, the interest in this race isn’t what it used to be - Both figures have declined compared to the 2017 version. In recent races we have seen a lower overall tweet figure but there has been a higher amount of unique authors, however for Monaco we have seen a slight decrease in both. Positively, this year the tweets have created more impressions with 99 million compared to 85.6 million last year. 

Looking at the top 5 countries for volume of tweets, it is easy to see why the tweets were lower than last year. The UK is generally the top tweeting country for most F1 races, however this year the figure is over 10K lighter for the Monaco Grand Prix. A surprise entrance into the top 5 for the first time this season is Japan, who leapfrogged Italy to provide us with the only change in the top 5 countries compared to last year. 

Hashtags, as usual during the Formula One broadcasts, are dominated by the official hashtags. Interestingly the figures of #monacogp have dropped quite considerably but #f1 has seen very similar usage as last year. 

With no major dramatic moments in the Monaco race this year, the mentions paint an expected picture. The official F1 account is on top, followed by the winner of the race Daniel Ricciardo, with the winning teams completing the top 5. A similar trend was also seen last year, however Lewis Hamilton made it into the top 5 despite not even finishing on the podium.

A tamer race compared to recent Grands Prix provided a well fought win for Daniel Ricciardo and prompted a topic of discussion post race. Unfortunately this race provided a lower amount of tweets and unique authors compared to last year's race, but hopefully Canada can turn this round. Stay tuned to our blogs to find out.


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