Gaining a digital edge as programmatic nears saturation

The growth of programmatic advertising has been so sustained and rapid that inevitably we find ourselves today at a stage where it is starting to tail off as its saturation of digital display advertising appears on the horizon.

With UK programmatic ad spending projected to account for 84% of all digital display ad spend by 2020 (according to eMarketer projections) it is time for media businesses to ask a new question, which is “How can my now-more-efficient digital campaigns work harder and give me an edge when everyone else has also embraced programmatic?”

As an industry, the tech is in place and there is no shortage of data, but the big challenge is marrying the two together in ways that leverage the latent strengths of each to make targeting genuinely more efficient.

Kantar Media Client Director Emma Hargreaves addressed this topic in a presentation at the IAB Data & Innovation conference on 15th March, where she showed two key ways of achieving this, with plenty of examples. The first way Emma looks at is optimising where online audiences are targeted, for a truly joined-up digital approach. The second is leveraging programmatic in such a way that a campaign will avoid the manifold and much publicised limitations of typical programmatic activity.

For Emma’s full presentation with plenty of insights into these approaches, please click here.

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