Henshall tops social engagement around Shetland

As the most recent series of the compelling crime drama reached its’ conclusion on Tuesday this week, and viewers took to Twitter to discuss DI Perez and the murderous threads he uncovered, we looked back across the series to see what had driven social engagement.

Looking at activity in the Broadcast Windows alone, the final was by far the most discussed episode, with 3.0K Tweets posted by 1.7K Unique Authors. In fact this episode was the most Tweeted about BBC broadcast of the day, the most Tweeted about drama and the third most Tweeted about broadcast of all the shows we track!

Douglas Henshall led Twitter engagement as well as the on screen investigation

Of the 34.3K Tweets posted about Shetland between 13th Feb and 20th March, @DJHenshall was tagged in 4.2K. This is more direct mentions than the official BBC One handle received! The actor also topped some of our other metrics, including:

  • Posted the Tweet with the Most Impressions
  • Posted the two most RT Tweets across the series

The resonance with Scottish Twitter users was undeniable

Across the series run, 36.9% of all Twitter activity was posted from Scotland, with 27.9% from England – 8% from Greater London alone. However, the regional shift lessened as the series progressed, with 32.6% of all Tweets on 13th Feb posted in Scotland, compared to 28.9% on 20th March.

Looking at affinity, the brands that received the most Tweets by people Tweeting about Shetland were Amazon, KFC and Tesco. However, the brands with the highest affinity index were Visit Scotland and the RSBP. In terms of shows, Spin and Bull topped the affinity index chart.

Shetland performed well on Twitter, and left viewers feeling proud and satisfied

Looking at the 24-7 data, Shetland was discussed in 34.3K Tweets from the 13th Feb to 20th March. These Tweets generated 10.1M Impressions and 102.1K Likes too. This consistent engagement peaked at the finale, but the following day still saw 2.1K Tweets posted about Shetland. Of these Admiration was detected in 55.8% , as viewers reflected on the series.

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