Holiday planning priorities of the most adventurous travellers

Our multi-dimensional Holiday Pioneers project explores the travel practices and preferences of three particularly adventurous types of traveller:

  • Experiencers - risk takers and thrill seekers for whom travel is about having a highly stimulating, active adventure.
  • Independents - genuine immersion in local culture is key for Independents. They like to get off the beaten track and book their travel independently.
  • Motivateds - image is everything for Motivateds and they love to show off to their friends what an amazing time they are having on holiday.

There are some big differences in the sources of information used by these Holiday Pioneers when planning a holiday, both compared to holiday makers as a whole and between each other.

Holiday Pioneers more likely to consult a range of sources before they travel than other travellers

Being particularly enthusiastic about their trips away, all three groups are more likely than the average holidaymaker in almost all instances to leverage any information sources when planning their trip. In many cases the differences are big. For example, 10% of holidaymakers as a whole check travel vlogs before their trip, but for Experiencers the figure is 23%. However, for Independents it is scarcely higher than holiday makers as a whole, at 11%.

On the other hand, 31% of Independents refer to TV shows about holidays/travel before they go away, compared to 25% of Experiencers.

Meanwhile, 52% of Motivateds will seek advice from friends and family who have already been somewhere – a higher figure than for Experiencers and Independents and one that fits with the desire of Motivateds to travel to places that they can be confident will impress their nearest and dearest.

Overall, review sites are the most popular source referred to by the Holiday Pioneers, and indeed holiday makers generally.

Independents are particularly likely to seek advice form locals they meet while travelling – more so than Experiencers and Motivateds and something that fits well with their inclination to seek out authentic, off-the beaten-track local experiences whilst away.

Some of the most well known, exotic locations are popular amongst all three pioneer groups, but there also key differences

When it comes to which holiday locations are of particular interest to Holiday Pioneers, there are a handful of locations which are similarly popular amongst all three groups. New York City and the exotic island paradise of Bora Bora in Polynesia are two such examples.

Beyond these, there are some variations by group, with each tending towards locations that reflect their broader priorities. For example, over double the proportion of Motivateds are interest in holidaying in Tenerife, compared to both Independents and Experiencers, with Tenerife suiting the tendency of Motivateds to enjoy relaxing in luxurious environments and impressing their friends back home with envy-inducing photos of their holiday.

Spend priorities reveal a lot about what is important to each group

Indeed, looking at priority areas of spend whilst away reveals that Motivateds would prioritise greater spend on accommodation than the Experiencers or Independents, no doubt in an effort to find somewhere suitably luxurious. On the other hand, Experiencers would invest more on travel itself than the other two groups, which fits with their desire to go somewhere truly different and exciting.

Meanwhile, Independents would invest less on all parts of a holiday than the other two groups - whether that’s travel, accommodation, food & drink, shopping etc - reflecting their relative lack of interest in money-can-buy holiday attributes and their desire instead for authentic local experiences.

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