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TGI survey data allows you to mine rich consumer insights but there are times when your own research demands a more personalised approach. Have the best of both worlds and ask your questions to TGI respondents using the new monthly Postscript service.

Case study: Understanding why people are not engaging with your brand

The Scenario

A leading provider of fresh ready meals was seeing a fall in sales. Their agency wanted to gain an understanding of what might be contributing to this, in order to optimise the media plan and messaging to tackle the problem. 

Our Solution

TGI already provides a wealth of information on who is buying or engaging with the product category (and even specific brands), as well as the reasons why. This client wanted more of an understanding of why its target audience is not currently engaging with its brand.

We proposed adding questions to Postscript which first identified the people not currently buying the product before exploring why. This information was then combined with the wealth of knowledge we already have about their behaviour within the category from TGI to inform media strategy. 

Client Outcome

Postscript’s ability to provide a 360 degree understanding of any target group by combining proprietary questions with TGI has enabled this client to identify problems in the supply chain. It has also allowed them to make changes to their brand messaging and improve the direction of their media strategy to help convert non-users into users of their product.  

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