Influence from the red carpet

We’ve hit the ground running into 2014 with glamorous award ceremonies; already some of the best have taken place. When it comes to The National Television Awards, Twitter users want up-to-the-second updates straight from the people running the show. Here’s a summary of the top 5 influential users on Twitter from the big night.

Infographics showing the top 5 twitter influencers at the National TV Awards

According to our latest survey, young Twitter users are 129% more likely than the average British adult to say celebrities influence their purchase decisions (Kantar Media TGI 2013). It’s no wonder then that 70% of the top 10 Twitter users were stars Tweeting selfies to promote their products and TV shows (including @NickGrimshaw and @philipschofield).

The number 1 most influential Twitter account was comedian Ricky Gervais (@rickygervais). His Tweet describes his surprise that he had such a great time at the awards, perhaps encouraging those who don’t normally watch the NTAs to give it a chance.

Following close behind Ricky, International News Stations (@SkyNews and @BBCNews) managed to rank 3rd and 4th on the influence score. It seems the young Tweeters are more interested in traditional news sites, even for updates on the red carpet!

Celebrity gossip source, Perez Hilton (@Perez Hilton) usually focuses his Tweets on the US. However, he made an exception for the NTAs when he Retweeted Naomi Campbell’s post. Just from that one short comment he was the third most influential user of the night, receiving more than 60.5 million impressions. As one of the most successful celebrity and Hollywood gossip artists in the industry, could Perez Hilton have helped the NTAs to build their reputation in the US?

Source: Kantar Media

Base: analysis of over 52 million Tweets referencing the #NTAs 2014 hashtags.

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