Infographic: Hiring the perfect hybrid marcomms team

New media has brought with it new digital communications strategies and tools that enable innovative new tactics. But all too often PR and marketing teams struggle to create truly effective cross-media campaigns, hindered by their obsolete structure, and the skills gaps between their members.

The Kantar Media white paper “The shifting role of today’s communications and marketing director” (you can download it here for free introduced a new model for integrated PR and marketing, and two new pivotal roles to oversee the complete comms process. This infographic presents the final piece of the puzzle, the team that the Director of Communications and Content and Director of Marketing and Sales need to build around them. This hybrid marketing and communications teams is made up of collaborative, tech-savvy professionals with deep expertise in their chosen field, and the ability to share their competencies with colleagues to achieve the best results.

The ideal marcomms team is made up of one small cluster responsible for marketing – the Product Guy, Planning Prodigy and Doctor Direct, all reporting to the Marketing Suit – and one with ownership of public relations – the Content King, managed by the PR Pro. Orbiting around this core team are specialists who collaborate across campaigns and contribute equally to both communications disciplines. To find out which roles you need to fill, who you should hire, and how they will work together, check out “The Hybrid Marcomms Team”.

Inforgraphic on the new hybrid marcomms team

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