Insights from the customer comments box

On how many occasions have you tweeted an organisation or a brand to complain about their service or make a suggestion and not received a response? Were you disappointed? I’m guessing you probably were!

Most companies set high expectations that they will apply the same rigour in responding to customer complaints or suggestions – you probably imagined them looking at their Twitter feed like hawks – as they do in broadcasting messages to those who follow them within the social web.

For many companies, Twitter has become a customer comments box that never gets opened. However, for others, leveraging the social web goes way beyond being a two-way communication channel with its customers and followers. These companies have harnessed the power of social media as a source of insight.

While there are many areas in which social data can be used to drive social insights, there is an obvious application: customer experience – as the social web is a direct source of immediate feedback. The social web can be used not only as an instant barometer of customer satisfaction (cue sentiment, although preferably not automated) but also, with a little bit of mining and coding, it can help identify what drives positive customer experiences.

We have done a lot of work recently to identify drivers of customer experience using social media.

We recently looked at what drives churn for mobile networks in the UK and discovered that beyond the obvious network coverage and customer service issues, it is all about the customer rewards you offer (and to a lesser extent what deals you offer on handsets) (see chart).

This is generally the remit of quantitative customer satisfaction surveys and statistical driver analyses. While I’m not suggesting that Social Media replaces them, it offers an interesting starting point from which to understand and track what’s important to customers.

So your tweet might not have been in vain and might eventually help the organisation you tweeted to identify their drivers of satisfaction and improve their service as a result.

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