Gaining quick and simple insights into brand and product consumers

In a fast-paced advertising or marketing agency environment, two themes stand out as crucial for delivering effective client support:

  • Quick and straightforward access to key insights into clients’ consumers.
  • Confidence that the insights come from a data source whose value and quality are trusted across the media and marketing industries

After successful launches in a variety of markets across the world, Kantar Media has rolled out V2.0 of its web application dedicated to agencies: TGI Target Snapshot.

This web app provides a quick and simple 360° understanding of brand and product consumers - all within a safe, error-proof interface that presents the insights in an engaging and flexible way.

The fundamental features of this new version of the app remain the same, but with a strong enhancement of its data visualisation functionalities, reinforcing the key strengths of the interface in terms of navigation and insights.

The major latest innovation enables users to flexibly identify and build any consumer targets that they need and visualise these against key demographics, product and brand consumption, leisure activities, opinions and media exposure.

This means that TGI data, the reference for profiling and targeting within the media industry, can be leveraged in TGI Target Snapshot to identify the exact, granular targets for any brands, thus fueling more compelling insights.

Consequently, anyone within an agency - not just the research team - has direct, straightforward access to trusted consumer insights and can support their clients more proactively and with confidence.

Those who use TGI Target Snapshot can thus strengthen their client relationships by leveraging this quality and trusted data.

To see TGI Target Snapshot in action, please see our short video below. For more information about TGI Target Snapshot, or to see it in action, please get in touch with your TGI account manager or email us.

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