John Lewis Christmas ad - Twitter Reacts

Since the John Lewis Christmas advert was posted on Youtube earlier today, monstrous amounts of chatter about Moz have taken over Twitter at a global scale, but activity around the ad had actually begun to grow earlier in the week too. After the sneak peak on Monday the 6th November, anticipation around this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert swelled on Tuesday, reaching 2.7K Tweets

Across these days, the official @UnderTheBed account penned the most Re-Tweeted post, but it was UK beauty vlogger Zoe Sugg, or @Zoella, who’s excited Tweet received the most Impressions and Likes over the four days.

Friday 10th November

Following the release of academy award-winning screenwriter Michel Gondry’s advert this morning, Twitter activity blossomed globally. Between 09.00 and 11.00 GMT over 14.0K Tweets about the ad were posted. Of these, only 48.2% were RTs as Tweeters engaged in chatter, sharing their own thoughts.

‘Admiration’ and ‘Sadness’ were the most common emotions here, with some people perceiving Moz the Monster as loveable and the message heart warming, whereas others were confused by the story-line and discussed #highstandards associated with the retailer’s previous Christmas adverts. In these two hours 71.5% of Tweets about the ad were posted in the UK, followed by Ireland, the US, and India who contributed 1.7%, 1.3% and 1.0% of chatter respectively.

#MoztheMonster was the most used hashtag in these two hours, featuring in 58.7% of Global tweets, and has appeared in over 20.5K Tweets across the whole day to 16.00 GMT.

Of all the Tweets posted from 00.00 to 16.00 GMT today, 24.3% contain a link, and 20.1% a video, as Twitter users share the actual advert across the platform.

Keep an eye on our Twitter feeds for more information about how Twitter reacts to the advert airing on the TV later on!

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