Key consumer financial trends

Brexit, Trump, fluctuating oil prices, threat of terrorism – there are all sorts of factors feeding into uncertainty about the economic outlook for the coming years. This is against a backdrop of consumer financial behaviour and attitudes that have been fluctuating, as we went through a severe recession and then came out of it the other side. 

More important than ever then for marketers to understand the state of consumer financial behaviour in Britain today.

Our latest in-depth TGI data report takes a comprehensive look at the following, drawing upon latest GB TGI data and metered online (inc mobile) behavioural insights from the TGI Clickstream study:

  • How key financial attitudes have fluctuated over the years – In 2001 60% of British adults agreed ‘If there’s something I want I save up for it”. Today it is 72%
  • Who are the savers who are switching their accounts? – 27% of adults who have opened a savings account with a new lender in the last year have £100K or more in savings, compared to 8% of adults generally.
  • What makes those with expensive loans different to other adults? – Adults with a loan of £15K+ are 58% more likely to have bought or sold property in the past year.
  • Who is driving the future of contactless pay? - Users of contactless via smartphone/tablet are over twice as likely to say they buy products before most of their friends.

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